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And nearly 60% of those with addiction will relapse, both with and without using medications. This is an important statistic when considering a drug like Vivitrol. In fact, Vivitrol warns that severe depression and increased risk of suicide may result from the injections. They plainly say there were two suicides in the initial trials of the drug. Aside from no high for a user, it also claims to reduce cravings during recovery. This can be helpful in the beginning, but must be weighed carefully against some of the more frightening side effects. Vivitrol actually increases the risk of overdose. Active addicts will sometimes try to “break through” the blockage of feeling that high by using massive amounts of an opiate and overdosing that way. Vivitrol patients lose their tolerance to opiates and if they Benzodiazepine miss a dose of the shot and try to use, this can also lead to death due to the lowered tolerance. Those choosing to use Vivitrol must go into it being one hundred percent dedicated to their recovery – if not, they may actually increase their risk of dying from addiction. As if these risk factors weren’t enough to scare people away, the shots themselves can be nasty. There have been cases of tissue death at the injection site and this is listed as a possible side effect. When compared with the other medications out there, it seems like VIvitrol carries with it the most risk. It seems strange then, that there are drug treatment courts out there forcing patients to add this medication as a part of their plea agreements. Vivitrol Is Not The Addiction Killer It’s Made Out To Be Anyone considering treatment has many options to weigh and difficult choices to make. Until there is a vaccine or cure for addiction, choosing medication assisted treatment should not be taken lightly. And of course, medication is only one component in a much larger addiction treatment program. Many accredited treatment programs, in fact, place a heavier emphasis on dual diagnosis .


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